The Dubai Municipality Green Building Regulations and Specifications were launched in 2012 for public buildings in Dubai and later in 2014 for the private commercial buildings.

The purpose of the regulations is to improve the performance of buildings in Dubai by reducing the consumption of energy, water and materials, improving public health, safety and general welfare and by enhancing the planning, design, construction and operation of buildings to create an excellent city that provides the essence of success and comfort of living.

The regulations intend to support Dubai's Strategic Plan, create a more sustainable urban environment and extend the ability of the Emirate’s infrastructure to meet the needs of future development.

Green Building Regulations and Specifications


The DM Green Regulations are written as a code list of green features and methodology that need to be met in the design stage and implemented in the construction stage. The DM Green Building Regulations and Specifications is not a rating system, and this code must be met through the design stage and verified at submission for building permit. Later when the construction has implemented the green features, the project must submit proof of compliance on forms provided to verify that all green features have been implemented.

Applicability to Building Type:

The regulations apply to:

  • All new buildings;
  • Additions, extensions, and refurbishment of existing buildings which require a building permit from Dubai Municipality;
  • Existing buildings, when specified.
  • Mixed Use Buildings - When a building combines more than one use, each portion of the building must comply with the relevant regulations for that particular typology
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