There is nothing more important to human survival than the health of our natural environment. The natural environment, including the very air we breath, the water we drink, and the earth that nurioushes the growth of our food must be preserved and even regenerated where environmental destruction has occurred,for ourselves and future generations.

The MECSD Environmental Consultant Team understands the unique environment of the Middle Eastern desert ecosystem. Dominated by the sometimes harsh elements of sun, wind, sand, and sea, the ecosystem of the regions’ flora and fauna is rather fragile and transient. The massive infrastructure and building development that has occurred over the last decade in the UAE has taken a toll on this fragile natural environment, and the UAE federal and emirate governments have taken action to create environmental departments and regulations to ensure that a balance is struck between the built environment and the natural environment to ensure the sustainability of each.


Environmental Site Investigations and Assessments Services are very broad based and can cover a number of environmental concerns, including but not limited to Compliance with Environmental regulations; Environmental Impact Statements & Assessments (EIA); Preliminary Site Assessments (ESA); Baseline studies and field surveys Environmental Engineers who perform these services are scientists and or specialists in their field of work and typically have 10 or more years of professional experience in order to obtain certification from the Environmental Department to perform investigations, analysis and designs.


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