MECSD offers the following services to our Green Building Clients during the post occupancy stage of their project, geared to make way for Existing Building Operation and Maintenance Program:

Green Cleaning Program

  • Green Education Program Development

    Promoting awareness by educating employees, building owners, professional organizations and general public of green building concepts and encouraging adaptation of sustainability practices in and out of the built environment.

  • Green Building Training Program for Facility Management

    A comprehensive guide on implementation and best management practices to achieve effective building operations and maintenance during the life cycle of a green building.

  • Green Cleaning Program

    Green Cleaning emphasizes environmental sustainability of cleaning operations, cleaning materials, and overall building health. Each building green cleaning program is customized to improve indoor air quality by reducing risks caused by harmful chemicals used in cleaning. Green cleaning products and methods are beneficial to all building occupants, but especially to the maintenance team actually performing the work.

  • Sustainable Purchasing Program

    Material selection and purchasing plays a significant role in sustainable building operations. Responsible procurement practices greatly aid in choosing safe, environment-friendly materials which help reducing demand of virgin materials, improves market in the local economy and occupant health.

    Green Education Program Development

  • Waste Stream Management Program

    Unnecessary waste generation raises the cost of building operations and maintenance. By generating a Waste Stream Management Program, building operators can identify possible waste reduction opportunities, which creates remarkable impact on building operation cost and improve social awareness by introlt= anspenton Program Development" title="Gree